Outlaw Brand Archetype

What is the Outlaw archetype?

The Outlaw is one of those archetypes who is looking to change the world by shaking things up whether for personal gain or the benefit of others. The outlaw leads the Outlaw to rage when faced with personal crimes on the derogatory end of the archetype. You are not afraid of others, since fear is thought to be a force.

On the positive side, in the hope of evoking change, the outlaw discomfits others with the status quo. For example, many civil rights demonstrators involved in nonviolent marches today show the outlaw archetype in motion.

Outlaw brands will either enhance dubious cultural values or undermine a totalitarian dictatorship. These labels are reliant on publicity, which highlights risk-taking and a step away from the ho-hum quo. This can be done by imagining either grim, disruptive, or audacious and innovative.


What are Outlaw’s other names?


Established by tradition, the Rebel forces the envelope towards a new or reawakening of social reform. However, the Rebel must be vigilant not to exceed any of the limits in his search for change, considering the propensity for rage and negativity.


The activists struggle, for one thing, needing a societal, political, or economic system fundamentally to transform. This sub-archetype believes in people’s ability to effect progress, rallying others behind the cause.


The Gambler is thriving on risk. No constraints are imposed on what the player wishes to gamble, which can lead to addiction and compulsion. Yet this sub-archetype has excellent intuition and is socially adept.


Maverick opposes some form of label or restriction. With an independent streak a mile high, the Maverick shows intelligence, violence, and fearlessness as he goes against the grain.


The Reformer’s search for progress is usually a bit more understated and measured than perhaps the free-wheeling Maverick. The Reformer aims to find ways to strengthen the current system rather than undermine it entirely as the protector or informant. The Reformer tries to improve the existing system.

What is the Outlaw archetype according to Jung?

Outlaw archetypes are the world’s natural skeptics who actively challenge organizations’ and people’s motives. In fleeting periods of calm, they’re only waiting for the hurricane. Outlaw archetypes are quickly ticked off by socioeconomic problems, racism, racism, or almost everything that shouts injustice. They have no qualms in standing against regimes and protecting those who are suffering in states of weakness.

What are the Outlaw brand archetype characteristics?

  • At first, the person feels angry and mistreated as if he had no control.
  • Different from personality understandings was identified as a stranger as social morality.
  • It’s behaving in a ruinous and surprising fashion.
  • It’s a progressive or defiant one.
  • It may also be stuck due to manipulation or criminal behavior

Outlaw brand archetype industries

What are the Outlaw brand archetype colors?

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

Outlaw brand archetype

These are the Outlaw archetype colors that the Outlaw brands use. For example, Harley Davidson uses a mixture of black, orange, and yellow for their outlaw archetype colors to show that they are in control and that they do things differently.

What is the Outlaw brand archetype tone of voice?

The outlaw brand archetype voice is unapologetic and revolutionary.

What are the Outlaw brand archetype examples in literature?

Hermoine from Harry Potter

With Hermoine’s rigid feeling of “sticking to the rules,” you’d think that she wouldn’t end up with that but Hermoine represents all of the Rebel’s largest pieces. She is the first and only witch to challenge the use of slave labor in the wizarding world; she battles against the mistreatment of “Mudbloods;” and at the end of the day, gives away her life as a decent student and role model to be one of the greatest contributors to the revolt, including the instigation of the formation of Dumbledore’s army, a clear vengeance against the Ministry of Magic.

Princess Meredia from Brave

So in the Disney Princess line-up, Merida is always forgotten and has no glittering dress, ways, or the quest for love typical to so many princesses.

Outlaw brand archetype


I’m the vengeance. I’m Batman. The Dark Knight, the Batman, is probably using scarcely lawful tactics to kill villains, mostly using intimidation to balance innocent lives like more chess pieces.

What are the Outlaw brand archetype examples?

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a classic example of an outlaw archetype brand.

All see the Harley Davidson logo and get a view of a leather-clad, wallet-on-chain, dirty motorcyclist driving noisily into the sunset on a gravel road in the desert.

You see that right now aren’t you? Oh, well, us too. We’re wistfully looking at the gap, really, thinking we’re on the huge classic bike.

And, for some of those people, the rider is who they want to be. Harley Davidson brings life to this dream for those who see their logo and because their bikes are there.

This is true strength. You can have that power, too if you know who you are as a brand and a company.

Outlaw brand archetype examples


Although some may contend that there are more revolutionary ways of exchange these days (such as bitcoin or near-field contacts like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay), PayPal nevertheless stands as “fresh money in the region” in a very clear Outlaw fashion.


The brand has modified everything since the year of formation and has violated all the rules. Apple produced the first personalized computer. What was it if you didn’t violate the rules? This great business gave preference to the first mouse that entered the industry. Another brilliant innovation was the machine with one desktop. And finally comes the iPhone, which has changed the game and the world again.

Only looking at their logo is enough to point out that this brand is originating from another world. It has little relation to its rivals. It’s got a whole new type of program that’s critically different from Android and Microsoft. This is done in a more careful, user-friendly, and modern manner.

What are Outlaw customers like?

Outlaw customers are drawn to surprising or politically wrong brands. They have a profound hunger for independence. Yet, interestingly, Outlaw fringe users can also contain law-enforceable, well-adjusted members of society who need a break from “following the rules” all the time.

Brands that intend to target outlaw customers will need to assess and behave accordingly to their level of ideology.


Brands from outlaws also have to go a fine line because they can be considered provocative often. Take a look at the goods or services that you sell. Are they challenging the status quo of your business or society? What’s with your customer base? Is it made up of people who feel at odds with society in general? If so, yours might just be an Outlaw brand.


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