Magician Brand Archetype

What is a magician archetype?

The magician brand archetype wants to understand the universe, and how to make it better. They think of ways to make the universe better with their imagination. The magician’s biggest fears of things not going to their plan or if things don’t work out for whichever reason. Magician brand archetypes will promote themselves as the portal for change and instead of grouping, they will generally flatter the consumer and tell them to trust their own instincts.

Magicians attempt to comprehend how things work, thus transforming life for the better. Alternate names such as the healer and the visionary reinforce this aspect and make us understand that it is not a magical archetype alone. The magician brand has a good influence, is charismatic and healing but can dishonestly, or even deceive its consumers on a bad day.

Customers of the magician brand archetype have to believe that they can use the product or service to raise visibility and affect their use. Magic consumers are motivated and inspired by creative publicity.

The many other names of the Magician

1. Magician

DREAM BIG! That’s the magician’s slogan. Charismatic, influential, and very perceptive, the magician converts fantasies or thoughts into truth for others. The Magician depends on powers above the normal to produce performance and must be careful not to slip into deception or trickery in the process.

2. Alchemist

The Alchemist uses a mixture of truth and imagination to fully transform one thing. The alchemist loves pureness and perfection and tries to make it sacred gold. In this sub archetype, the science and the metaphysical mesh assume that there are no boundaries. Nothing is impossible! Nothing is impossible! …this might lead to the insecurity of the Alchemist, if not cautious, a temptation to commit fraud.

3. Scientist

The scientist is excited and interested needs to see what objects are made of, and uses its knowledge as an agent of global progress. The scientist needs to see it to believe it as a rational and questioning sub archetype. It must be attentive to one thing: losing the forest for the woods in their search for science and further afield.

magician brand archetype industries

4. Engineer

The Engineer converts imaginative energy into realistic speech using a systematic approach to problem-solving. The engineer is the rational and curious sub-archetype for solutions to daily problems.

5. Innovator

The innovator thrives on transition with high intelligence and curiosity and doesn’t be afraid to take chances to find a solution. While the innovator has the strength to do extensive analysis and will do so, this sub archetype will be challenged to concentrate on the job at hand.

The different levels of the magician archetype

Level 1 entails having “magic experiences” that leave one feeling mesmerized, fulfilled, happy, or changed in a way that is usually short-term or trivial.

Level 2 brings the “flow” feeling – a state of life in which you are fully absorbed in and in one in everything you do. Mental, physical and metaphysical all work together to create a mission of complete harmony.

Level 3 carries with it miracles or a whole vision.

What colors do magician brand archetypes use?

Magician brand archetypes use these kinds of colors for their brand:

  • Red
  • White
  • Black/Dark Grey

magician brand archetype Colors

What kind of fonts do magician archetypes use?

You probably don’t think about magician archetypes fonts like businesses and branding agencies do (or even marketing agencies), but the fonts are just as important to the brand because it needs to be related to the brand.

The types of fonts that are usually associated with the magician archetype are BIG and BOLD. You’ll never see thin fonts with this archetype as it would be shown weak. Sometimes cursive is allowed as well. You see brands like Nintendo or Tesla using big and bold fonts because they want to be noticed yet try to be sleek.

What are the magician brand’s characteristics?

  • Intuitive
  • Visionary
  • Positive outcomes
  • Dishonest
  • Manipulative
  • Distant

What is the magician brand archetype tone of voice?

The tone of voice that a magician archetype would use is characteristic and charming. They want to show the audience that they can achieve the impossible. They teach their fans the courage to climb above the masses. They inspire trust and ask how their commercialization and products/services can improve and transform.

Magician Brand archetype examples


When you think of magician archetypes, Disney would be one of the brands that come up first for many people. To the young and old, Disney is known as the happiest place on earth with their statement is “where dreams come true” and continues to build an empire that is based on magical feelings via theme parks, products, shows, and movies.


This company has revolutionized what it takes to use a vacuum cleaner. Many know from the name the value of this vacuum and its technical developments. The look of the goods is elegant and advanced and encourages consumers to dream about what their next brand would look like.

magician brand archetype examples

Mary Kay

The cosmetic goods themselves are of course, transformative and promising skin looks healthier, cellulite disappearance, sexy lipstick, and more.


However, the company pulled firmly in the heart of the Magician’s transition with its satirical “You’re Not you when I’m starving.” Suggested that their chocolate bar has an amazing transformative ability, they place it as their solution to the fact that hunger does indeed influence mood and behavior (and that it is all too familiar (and clinically based).

Consumers who believe in the magic

The magician is inspired by the need for personal transformation as well as to be an agent of change around them in the world. Magician customers may well be in a position of leadership, dominant and charismatic by nature.

magician brand archetype examples

The crucial thing to note when marketing Magicians is that they can align with brands as long as they can easily see and communicate with the real identity and purpose—consciousness—of the company.

If you can dream it, you’re a magician

Is your brand changing people? Do you turn messes into wonders? Will you use unknown powers, which the layman cannot readily understand? If you can also relate to Disney’s philosophies, then you are definitely a magician archetype and you can build your brand around that.


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