Lover Brand Archetype

What is the Lover Brand Archetype?

Many forms of love are passionately pursued by the Lover archetype; a love for family, friends, Heaven, and life itself. This archetype is that of idealism, thought, and emotion.

The archetype of the lover represents play and sensual relaxation. They want to live in the moment and the physical world is appreciative. Physically and mentally, they try to be more appealing. They crave affection and love being around people in a relationship.

A Lover brand’s main goal is to be in a relationship with its customers, make the customer feel passionate, and look for desires in their hearts. They want to be more attractive than other brands and most definitely want to appeal to all senses when it comes to selling their products. When you think of the Lover brand, you think of the relationship you are in with the brand. You think about how close you are. It could be a smell, so perfume. It could be a touch, so maybe some lingerie. It could be sight, so probably jewelry. The lover brand will always try to appeal to one of your senses.

Lover Brand Archetype

This is how Jung has described the lover archetype according to the 12 archetypes by himself.

The lover brand focuses on the following:

  • Find passion in their lives
  • Display gratitude to others
  • Become more enticing to some
  • Pleasing their senses

What are Lover’s other names?

  • Friend
  • Spouse
  • Partner
  • Team Builder

Lover Brand Archetype examples

What are the Lover’s brand archetype characteristics?

  • They can deal with intense emotions
  • They have a strong passion
  • Spontaneous
  • They go after their dreams
  • They do not want to be alone
  • They are forgiving
  • Deep emotional connections
  • They care about the aesthetics

What are the Lover brand archetype colors?

In order to create a good visual effect, colors like deep red, pink, and gold appear to be used most. Combining these ingredients into commercials produces a deep emotional reaction and consumer interaction. Brands that use the lover archetype colors get customers who believe in romance, passion, and more.

Lover Brand Archetype colors

What is the Lover brand archetype tone of voice?

Through mutual passions and devotion, the Lover brand loves interacting with others. In their affectionate, adjective-rich voice that awakens the senses, you can tell that they truly care for you. The tone is warm and even sensual at times.

What are Lover brand archetype examples in literature?

Samwise from Lord of the Rings

Samwise is an amazing example of a lover. His mission is to shield Frodo throughout the whole LOTR novel, not just from the evil of the world he is thrown into, but also from the evil that threatens to poison his heart. Samwise rallies, sacrificing his own hurt to fulfill his pledge to his mate, resolving to love Frodo, even though there is no promise that he will return to the good graces of Frodo when he seems to have lost Frodo’s friendship.

Beauty and the Beast

Again another couple that doesn’t need much introduction. Beast and Belle inhabit opposite ends of the Lover continuum, Belle sacrificing her desire for perfection, and instead of objectivizing her as his way out of the curse, Beast learns to take into account the will of Belle.

Lover Brand Archetype examples

Anna from Frozen

The first person who she sees Anna falls in love with and doesn’t remember that everyone else says it’s a terrible thing to do because her heart will be broken. Her progress through the plot tears the rose-tinted glasses away and allows her to see love’s real sense.

Phil from Groundhog Day

At the beginning of Groundhog’s Day, Phil has a dark conscience, and his dishonest efforts to get together with his boss Rita result in slaps and slammed doors. As the film progresses, though, Phil is going from being self-centered to being compassionate and passionate, allowing a new understanding of life and the people who live his life.
What are Lover archetypes examples (brands)?

Victoria Secret

Their aim is to put beauty and imagination into the life and wardrobe of any woman. A representation of what a woman experiences in her most intimate relationship is Victoria’s Secret brand.


Chanel is a brand that offers a woman’s first beauty. And a woman is in fact, elegant and perfect. The affection and devotion come from them and Chanel stresses every little trait of the attractiveness of women. Coco Chanel’s theory is great for the entire world and the world of fashion.

Lover Brand Archetype examples


Hallmark is a prime example of a brand called Lover. Although the following commercial emphasizes romantic love, with any other relationship of your life, Hallmark also encourages communication. You turn to Hallmark anytime you want to show everyone you are aware of and love them, from National Boss Day to National Nurses Day. Hallmark results in closeness.

Cesar (dog food brand)

A dog food company, Cesar, featured a touching bond between a man and his dog. In comparison to a caregiver dynamic, what the accompanying ad does so well illustrates a companionship dynamic. This becomes a friendship of two equals, instead of just a man and his puppy. Each one in exchange loves and is cherished.

What are Lover customers like?

The customers of The Lover are inspired to communicate with others. We are living in a society in the Western world that has become more and more individualistic. As a result, the vacuum for a true romantic partnership begins to expand larger and larger. The Lover user will attempt to fill this vacuum in a number of ways, from finding like-minded individuals to communicating with them to making the strongest version of themselves to draw people to them. Consumers in love want to feel special. They want brands that love them and are willing to love them back. Brands fear losing them to a rival who will make them feel unique again if their desires are not fulfilled.


Is your brand passionate? Do you want to elicit certain feelings from your customers? Do you care about relationships? If you can answer all of these questions, your brand is most likely a Lover, and you can use this archetype in your branding.


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