Innocent Brand Archetype

What is the Innocent archetype?

The Innocent is an everlasting optimist who still sees what is positive in people and in life. Purity is the center of all action, and the Innocent, thus, trusts and fails in salvation. The Innocent finds a paradise that is free from destruction and corruption.

Basically, brands that use this archetype focus on simple pleasures and being wholesome (like purity). It’s brands that make people happy, people who just want the simple things without any complications that are attracted to the Innocent brand.

The Innocent archetype was created by Jung who thought it meant happiness, sincerity, and sympathy.

What are the Innocent’s other names?


Bursting with enthusiasm and a good outlook, the Infant is quickly amused, entertained, or intrigued. The child reveals his unwavering confidence in the nature of mankind and is open to possibilities. Its fascinating nature appears to bring out the best of people. There are difficulties such that the Infant is quickly manipulated and reluctant to grow up and take responsibility.


The Dreamer expresses abstract thoughts with the assistance of a vibrant imagination in the capacity to be swept away by opportunities. Getting the confidence of a child, this brand archetype chooses to exist in the heaven of the mind. However, there is a lack of the framework required to try out ideas in the real world.

Innocent Brand Archetype examples


The idealists are inspired by the conviction that the individual will make the world better and believes in social change. The Idealists serve as a force for social progress, motivated by the principles of unity and peace, teamwork and partnership. Unfortunately, with rose-colored lenses, the idealist continues to regard the universe and does not see possible risks.


The Muse is a source of creativity and as its name suggests, a path to understanding and wisdom. While inspired, the Muse will also carry confusion through its unconcentrated resources.

What are the Innocent brand archetype characteristics?

  • Brings happiness to customers
  • Being pure
  • Being sympathetic to customers
  • Simple
  • Trustworthy
  • Dislikes deceit
  • Dislikes corruption

What are the Innocent brand archetype colors?

  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

Innocent Brand Archetype colors

Dove uses blue & yellow for the Innocent archetype colors because blue shows calm & commitment while yellow shows optimism and happiness.

What is the Innocent brand archetype tone of voice?

The brand Innocent is an example of hope. Their sincere voice shines through the entire atmosphere of the company and delivers optimistic, calm, unpretentious, and caring vibrations. Their frank but mostly optimistic vision of the world with a nostalgic focus builds trust and friendship.

What are the Innocent archetype examples in literature?

Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf is just as innocent as anyone can think of. Sincere, hopeful, and utterly denying any indication that he may not be one of Santa’s “Little Helpers,” Buddy goes through life cheerfully transforming people’s lives for the better, without really sacrificing the charm of his innocence through trials & tribulations.

Pippin Kook in Lord of the Rings

Pippin Took, one of the Shire’s infamous hobbits, is depicted as a young, caring, and uncomfortable Naive in both books and movies who is utterly unsatisfactory to deal with the dangers he encounters in his attempt to support his mate. But it is the innocence of Pippin that permits him to make friends with the King of Gondor, the Ents, and to demonstrate Sauromon’s real motives, though through blackmail.

Innocent Brand Archetype examples

Shirley Temple

Most people know who Shirley Temple is… her character is so synonymous with the Innocent that it’s impossible not to have her here. Shirley Temple was almost entirely a typecast of the Ingenue, or a truly wholesome, nice woman or girl.

What are the Innocent archetype examples (brands)?

Coca Cola

With common brand slogans like “It’s a real thing” and “open happiness,” Coca-Cola is the best example of an innocent archetype. Sometimes portraying moments of beauty, Coca-Cola encourages customers to find satisfaction in daily moments that matter like sharing time with family and friends.


Colors, realistic imagery, and clear contact are all compatible with the branding of Aveeno. Aveeno stresses the natural ingredients used in its products to communicate that the customer can trust their skincare. In their marketing campaigns, Aveeno also describes people who love basic everyday tasks and inspires audiences to “Get Skin Happy”.


Volkswagen leans to light-heartedness and wants you to “Get in. Get happy.” Yes, the car sells you, but the pleasure that comes with the simple act of riding in the car in an obvious manner that they are still is selling to you.

Innocent Brand Archetype examples


The very name reflects the pure and basic essence of the dove. Dove primarily uses white in its ads and sells campaigns like the makeup campaign and the beautiful drawings by Dove. You dedicate yourself to integrity and truth, as is obvious from their brand message.


Brands like McDonald’s are the perfect Innocent archetype because they use cheery colors and everyone thinks of happiness and joy when it comes to thinking of Mcdonald’s. They provide a family-friendly service and a happy environment in every location.

What are Innocent consumers like?

Consumers who are attracted to Innocent labels are searching for goods that have an experience of harmony and goodness. They want brands that make life easy because when they find a brand, they can trust that they are committed to it. These customers have long had an ideal life, a perfect friend, well-behaved children, a rewarding career, and a comfortable home. They aim for goodness, most often believe, and have a great deal of faith in others. They’re a typical bunch, and they’re not looking for any changes that may disrupt their lives.


Are you a company that is simple and wants to bring happiness to people’s lives? Does it make you happy that you are helping others with your products? If you can answer these questions, you are likely an Innocent brand. This archetype needs to be put in your brand messaging when you are launching your brand so prospective customers know what type of brand you are.

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