Explorer Brand Archetype

What is the Explorer archetype?

The Explorer’s highest desire is independence. They can not help you or at least not find your house in the conventional sense. They roam and are searching for autonomy. You are eager to try new experiences by getting yourself out of your comfort areas.

The explorer needs to be free of limitations in order to challenge the state. However, rather than threaten the establishment (such as a Hero or an Outlaw), the adventurer merely heads in another direction to look for a new route. In the end, the independence and the excitement of adventure are what it needs.

In Jung’s terms, with the explorer archetype, the explorer wants to be free and not be tied to anything.

What are the other names for Explorer?


The Adventurer’s mentality is adventurous and spontaneous. The taste of risk and thrill — the surge of adrenaline is his lifeline, this sub archetype is known. However, this addiction to adrenaline may make seeking satisfaction in the more boring facets of life complicated for an explorer.


The Pioneer is well-known as the first breakthrough. They will see things through but there is a chance to be burned out because of their exhausting quest of seeing things through.


The Generalist loves to experiment and tests things out to show the world what they have found.


The Seeker seeks to evolve and learn constantly. They want to learn why everything is happening and discover how to solve that problem.

What are the Explorer brand archetype characteristics?

  • Adventurous
  • Searching
  • Free
  • Restless

What are the Explorer brand archetype colors?

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Explorer Brand Archetype's Color

Airbnb is the perfect explorer archetype brand that uses the explorer archetype colors because it expresses boldness and passion which aligns with the archetype. 

What is the Explorer brand archetype tone of voice?

The Explorer brand makes others feel free by reminding them that they have the ability to walk their own route. Your voice quality inspires people to abandon their safe places and obey their spirits. You want to be free regardless of what you mean.

What are the Explorer brand archetype examples in literature?

Tommy from Rugrats

If you were a kid in the ’90s, you know who Tommy is. Tommy, like many other characters (Bobby from Bobby’s Universe, Doug, etc.) modeled after him, couldn’t prevent him from falling into trouble. There was already too much to discover, and too many trips to go on.

Explorer brand archetype examples

Indiana Jones

Speaking of thrill-seekers, who better make the case than Indiana Jones, archaeology professor by day and action hero by night? The calm and standoff way of life of Indiana often leaves him alone and separated from those who can support him, and Indiana finds often even more than he had agreed.

Star-Lord from Guardian of the Galaxy

Given its success, I don’t believe I have to look in-depth on the character of StarLord, but he is a guy who likes his adventure, even though at crucial junctions he has excessive faith.

What are the Explorer brand archetype examples (brands)?


Nothing suggests the Seeker enjoys a trip into the vast unknown voids of space. In the video analysis, NASA’s 2015 year is a strong overview. “Off the field, for the land”

The Body Shop

The Body Shop was a revolutionary brand from the beginning. It advocated for sustainable corporate practices and clean natural makeup until these principles became popular. Still today, 30 years after the essence of honesty, doing things right and making the planet a healthier environment, persisted.

Explorer archetype examples


REI is well-known for outdoor sports such as camping, climbing, or cycling, as well as outdoor stores. To see the explorer’s spirits alive and healthy, we just need to see the Instagram feed from REI. This outdoor passion is also highlighted by a new video campaign. When one of the camp producers investigates the process, he approaches the heart of the explorer’s quest. In the video listed below the subject explains how wandering the woods and becoming a ‘trail angelic’ helps him conquer his own problems with depression and abusive upbringing. In addition to this, REI is not about athletic extremes and being out and doing wild things.


The Iconic brand has the Explorer archetype which is featured in its name, cups, ideology, and everything that encompasses coffee from Starbucks. You feel amazing with the Starbucks cup, take selfies and post them on Social Media. And you feel amazing emotionally.

What are Explorers customers like?

A company also wants to consider the thought in order to sell to explorer customers. Consumer explorers are seeking to find out their place in the universe. This is painfully apparent in the younger generation – from pink-haired pre-teens seeking to claim their individuality and to sort out who they are to new college graduates taking a year off to “find themselves”

The Explorer customer can even become someone in search of new experiences to make himself feel alive in an intermediate crisis. Or a consultant who launches to start a company because she needs to do things the way she wishes they should.

Explorer brand archetype Industries and categories

Outdoor sports are open to adventurer customers not exclusively for sporting purposes, but instead to partake in nature through lonely events such as long-distance cycling or biking. They are hesitant to be weighed down and maybe scared about such things as relationships and mortgages.

The Explorer customer trusts genuine brands. They are more critical of marketing hysteria than organic buzz—real people who talk for a brand or an event. they are more persuaded. In brand loyalty, the restless Explorer isn’t high. Overall, the transition is a normal mental condition. In order to win over loyal fans, a company must be able to reach directly into and articulate these ideals authentically in the archetypal values of equality and individuality.


Do you feel that your brand belongs to nature? Do you help people discover new things? If so you may be an Explorer brand.

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