Everyman Brand Archetype – Everyday Person Archetype

What is the Everyman archetype?

The Everyman brand archetype is your everyday person that you probably talk to, except in branding, they are a business. They believe in hard work, honesty and have values based on what they believe in. They are the kind of people that want to fit in with every group,not just a certain group. They are relatable. They want to establish and build relationships with people. In literature, the archetype of everyman’s character is often placed in exceptional situations. If you are suffering from certain situations, you just live through it.

This is what Jung describes as for the Everyman archetype as part of the 12 archetypes that’s being described.

Everyman brand archetype

What are the other names for the Everyman?

  • Orphan
  • The good neighbor
  • Silent Majority
  • Common Man
  • Best friend

What are the Everyman brand archetype characteristics?

  • They like the simple things in life
  • They’re not really political, they believe in utopia
  • They’re like a mirrorball and focus on creating relationships, rather than worrying about themselves
  • They accept people easily and make friends with everyone
  • They are often resilient and hardworking
  • They are happy with the status quo
  • They do not like authority figures

What are the Everyman brand archetype colors?

When you draw colours for The Everyman, you’re apt to fall back on those blues and natural colours that anyone can relate to. Blue is both men and women’s most common favourite colour. Blue is the colour of courage and reminds us of denim which is this brand’s ‘business suit.’ Greens are the best on the eye because the retina is not modified. It can also calm down and stimulate development.

Everyman brand archetype colors

You’ll want to use a white and a black or grey picture to use on text and backgrounds. White depicts new innocence and cleanliness, while black depicts seriousness. So when it comes time to pick your Everyman archetype colors, stick to what’s simple, blue, green, white, gray, and black.

What is the Everyman brand archetype tone of voice?

  • Being relatable
  • Easy to understand
  • Messages are simple and clear
  • No hard words are used
  • Short sentences

What are the Everyman brand archetype examples in literature?

Homer from the Simpsons

Homer Simpson is the most famous of the Everyperson, the next man, the good old man, the common white-collar man. They’re all the same in his head (except maybe Flanders). Self-pity plagues him in his worst moments, but in general, Homer’s charm and volatile disposition means that he will still have a friend to depend on.


While no clarification is needed for Annie, this feeling of goodness for you, your neighbour, and the orphan world is one of the most hopeful incarnations of this archetype. While the Everyperson does not have to be an orphan in the actual sense, this feeling of loss is one of Everyperson’s greatest strengths.

Bilbo Baggins

When you think of an average person in a fantasy, you think of Bilbo Baggins. He’s not an orphan, he’s beginning his storey with a safe home and friends, but he’s the “usual” of his adventure with the dwarves. This makes him a bit of an outsider, and soon, his motivation is to win recognition from his fellow travellers. Slowly, but steadily, he wins the confidence of others, even though he always has reservations about the journey altogether.

Everyman brand archetype examples


Anastasia, in a movie of the same name, desires nothing else than to discover her family and the place that she truly belongs. In a classic narration from Oliver Twist, she just looks out for the hope of two men who intend to take her uncannily close look to that of a certain Russian princess to a nice mint. Although Anastasia has many of the qualities of the Orphan, she also has some less desirable characteristics, including a cynicism which pushes others away when they begin to get too close to comfort.

Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones

Samwell Tarly is an overweight guy who likes to read novels. Since he was not a skillful fighter, his father forced him to join the Night’s Watch. He had been robbed of his ancestry. Unlike Jon Snow, the hero’s archetypal character, he doesn’t seem physically brave and sturdy.

For not possessing decent fighting powers and being overweight, he is often ridiculed. His intellect has proven beneficial in their survival over time. While his colleagues’ response at the Night’s Watch was to jump into fights, he chose to compile data and evaluate circumstances.

What are the Everyman archetype examples (brands)?


Budweiser is a beer where everybody drinks, which is why the company’s archetype is the brand archetype of Everyman. The desire of the archetype is linked to each other. The goal is to be part of it. The ideals of the archetypes are freedom, independence and association.

Everyman archetype brand examples


Every Everyman loves a nice pair of blue jeans and owns one. Wrangler draws heavily on the midwestern tradition, marketing to those who have worked hard in days of sweaty labour.

Along with their “Ultimate Cowgirl Next Door” contest, the company embodies the Everyman ideals of real authentic, everyday people that demonstrate American values.

What are the Everyman customers like?

Consumers of Everyman are neighbourly, providing assistance when appropriate. And if they don’t know them (or really like them!), they’re respectful towards others. They are optimistic and believe in the merits of a difficult day. Typically frugal, the simple stuff of life is enjoyed. They are modest and seem to be the underdog’s root.

Everyman archetype industries and categories

Brands who wish to draw customers from everyone should rely on their interactions. A brand that is open, sensitive and polite will reach these customers a great deal. Innovation is not a problem for Everyman customers, but it is often necessary. Brands should return with a premium product to the basics and aim at guaranteeing trust, durability and transparency to Everyman customers.


Are you a brand that just relates to everyone? Do you want to make everyone feel like they fit in? If so, you may be a Everyman brand, and you can use that archetype as a way to project your brand to your prospective customers.

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