Creator Brand Archetype – The Ultimate Guide

The archetype of the Creator is guided by the free flow of imagination – while maintaining under certain control parameters. We see various marks and companies in this sensitive mix that respect and encourage self-expression, creativity, and out-of-the-box thought.

What is the Creator Archetype?

The Creator brings the universe new concepts and provides order by the creation of that which has not existed before. Creator archetypes derive generally a lot of pride from the production process and the product of their efforts. The Maker icons are both musicians, authors and entrepreneurs. They all admire individuality and live self-expression lives.

Inherently non-conformists are those that fall into this archetype. Creators seem to want freedom of speech and do not want to be stifled by censorship or artistic parameters. The process of rendering something real that once never existed is at the heart of the Maker archetype. This is the outlet which gives the Creator power over an environment which is not otherwise controllable.

The creator archetype was imagined by Jung, who was a swiss psychiatrist, who proposed that these archetypes were ancient manifestations of innate human awareness handed down by our ancestors.

Creator Brand Archetype

What are the creator brand archetype colors?

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black/Dark Gray

Orange represents bold & confidence while Red represents power & intensity. Black/Dark Gray represents solid & sophisticated. When you see creator brands using these colors, it usually has a meaning behind them. For example, Apple. Their colors are Black/Dark Gray on all of their products which shows they have class, sophistication, elegance and power. So you see that creator archetype colors are important to a brand, because it sends a message to the audience what their brand portrays, just by colors alone.

Creator Archetype colors

What is the creator’s tone of voice?

The creator archetype brand voice is confidence, intimacy, youthfulness, quality and clearly different from the competition.

What are the creator archetype characteristics?

  • Innovative
  • Imaginative
  • Expressive
  • Perfectionist
  • Narcissistic

Now, we will explore the examples of the creator brand archetype, but first, let’s look at the creator brand examples in literature.

  • Dr Emmet Brown from Back to the future
  • Tony Stark from Iron Man
  • Steve Jobs from Apple

Creator Brand Archetype examples

Those three examples would usually inspire people to create their own brands because they are creators, they think outside of the box. They are also perfectionists and won’t let anything get in their way to being successful, even if it means making sacrifices in their own personal lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the companies that are the perfect creator archetype examples.


Brands like Lego is the prime example of the Creator archetype. They are highly committed to innovation and the imagination of children’s (and even adult’s) minds when it comes to building legos.

Lego ads are inspiring to young and old. One of their advertisements in 2014 was about inspiring girls to use their own thoughts with the tag ‘#KeepBuilding’ and the post, that you’ve taught her how to imagine and think, and to see her inventions from #KeepBuilding. This is a lovely ad that touches on parents’ wishes and hopes that their children can rise, learn, be self-sufficient and develop stuff that will make their parents proud.

Ace Studios

Ace Studios is an independent Canadian media production company that creates independent films, corporate videos and more. They are highly committed to innovation and the imagination of the arts and entertainment world. They fit the Creator stereotype because they inspire other media companies similar to theirs to take a risk and create what their heart desires.

Creator Archetype brand examples


Products from Crayola are appealing to any stage of age. From very small children to youth and adults, they produce ads that apply to any age demographic. Crayola claims the creatively-live children blossom and evolve to be empowered, original adults who in turn, have the potential to inspire the world. This is the right brand for the “Creator” stereotype, since it speaks to what they are.

Meet the Creator consumer

Looking for the Creator’s audience? Know that the buyer of Creator’s cheap and low-quality mass garbage is intolerant. This makes sense because designers display the goods they purchase their taste and consistency expectations. In other words, you purchase expensive items to make people either jealous or show them your standards, yet to demonstrate how much you enjoy exquisite items of high quality. Shopping is a way of self-expression, like everything else for the customers of the Creator.

Other names for the Creator

1. Visionary

A very good planner, insightful and perceptive. This sub-archetype will offer an illuminated viewpoint through a great imagination and see the possibilities for the common good that other people cannot know. Nevertheless, the visionary must resist the temptation of altering the vision to manipulate the effect or appease others.

2. Storyteller

The storyteller is able to bring ideas and concepts to life that allow viewers to relate to something more profoundly. Of instance, for the storyteller, the effort to tell fantastic stories is a struggle. For the sake of a positive narrative or to exploit a result, distortion or disinformation must be kept under control.

Creator Brand Archetype industries and strategy

3. Artist

The Artist sub-archetype will turn the invisible into a tangible shape. The artist is also very physically and intensely motivated by a strong personal desire to articulate himself. With inherent enthusiasm and playfulness, this sub-archetype gives an orthodox viewpoint that contradicts norm. The Artist’s problems are a feeling of rejection or too much acceptance.

4. Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur also displays features of a Type A personality and is successful and ambitious. Driven by a vision, this creative self-starter is powerful enough to create ideas and thrives on making visions a reality. Unfortunately, the Entrepreneur can have a tough time getting on until the adrenaline is gone.


To become a brand of Creator, you do not have to be in art or design. Look beyond the simple artistic fields and wonder, do you enjoy elegance and quality? Do you give customers ways of restoring something or dreaming something? If your product or service can articulate yourself, facilitate DIY ventures or inspire creativity, your brand can be an archetype to Creator.

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