Website Development

Our website development services provide customized digital solutions to bolster you into becoming an industry leader.

Responsive Website Development A responsive website aims to deliver the best user experience by adjusting to multiple devices. The website automatically detects the device and responds accordingly. As tablets, smartphones, and data plans for those devices evolve, more people are shifting from using the traditional laptop or desktop for Internet browsing. Thus, the best position for your business is to develop a website that meets the needs of every user. This allows you to meet your visitors where they are. Rest assured that every website we develop will adjust to display properly on the latest devices.

Content Management Systems A Content Management System allows non-technical users to log in to a system to make changes to a website. The system is similar to a word processing application that allows anyone to copy and paste text, images, and videos to a website. This is very important if you plan to post articles to your website frequently, or if you have a calendar that frequently updates and changes. Some examples of the content management systems we use are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. We will help you decide the best platform for your needs.

Mobile Development In some instances, a business may only want to create a mobile website. We do not recommend this route; however, sometimes it can be necessary. For example, if your current website is connected to a custom database that is integrated with your office software, it may be very costly to update the entire website. A job like this would take extensive research and coding. In this case, you can create a simplified mobile version of your current website. Users would not have access to the functionality that the database provides; however, they would have access to vital information, such as your phone number, address, and pricing. Sometimes that is all mobile users are looking for. We will guide you through every aspect of your mobile website.

E-commerce Website Development E-commerce websites allow a business to sell products and services on the Internet. Getting your E-commerce website developed and properly set up can be a daunting task; this is one of the most complex types of websites to set up and manage. A lot of planning and thought needs to happen up front for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that unlike other business models, an E-commerce website does the direct selling. Therefore, it must be developed to run flawlessly. Also, the costs associated with maintaining this type of website can be extensive. Thus, it is best to see the complete picture before you start. Some of the E-commerce platforms we use are Magento, Open Cart, and WooCommerce. We will walk you through the best solution for your business.