Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy & consulting services provide customized digital solutions to bolster you into becoming an industry leader.

Business Analysis An evaluation of your business can yield invaluable information about the nature of your business. This is especially useful in regard to marketing. All marketing efforts feed into the sales process. Similarly, all sales efforts feed into the deliverables and fulfillment process. In each of these areas, there are opportunities to market to your clients. Our task is to find these opportunities during the business analysis. These findings are then delivered to you in a format that clearly identifies and details the problem. You will also understand the cause of the problem and the associated costs.

Marketing Strategy Having a well-planned marketing strategy is essential to your success. Think of it this way: a great coach can take inferior athletes and beat a team of superior athletes. Great coaches always have well-planned strategies. You can be that great coach of a business that lacks superior talent. Your competitors may have more capital, but we can help you develop the marketing strategy your business will use to allow your team to execute a winning strategy.

Campaign Strategy Sometimes you have a particular marketing campaign that you need created. A campaign is the aggregate of activities a business engages in to market or promote. Campaigns happen within the confines of your marketing strategy and are typically centered on a single specific goal. Some examples of campaigns would be: generate more traffic to your website, open a new retail location, engage past clients, or increase brand awareness in the local community. Each campaign requires a different set of activities in order to gain success. Similar to an all-encompassing marketing strategy, we design your marketing campaigns to get you that competitive edge.

Brand Strategy The term brand is used loosely in the business community, which often leads to ambiguity. For our purpose, your brand is what your prospective clients think of when they hear your business name or see your logo. Proper planning can lead your business in developing an identity. This identity can stand far above your competition, regardless of the size of your organization. Your business needs this type of competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Online Presence Consulting The advent of the Internet changed the landscape of business forever. Gone are the days of marketing agencies being the gatekeepers of new clients. Today, anyone has access to a host of Internet tools for client acquisition. Unfortunately, this creates a new problem. This problem is stated in a question we hear time and time again: “There is so much to choose from; which tools do we use?” That is a great question. We have witnessed many businesses use tools and techniques that are antiquated or ineffective. Why spin your wheels with other organizations when we can simply lay everything out for you?