Sage Brand Archetype

What is the sage brand archetype?

What is Truth? If you are an archetype of the Sage brand, this is the issue that keeps you awake at night. A perfectionist by nature, the Sage is not going to settle for uncertainty and is on the task of evaluating everything to find the correct solution and sharing it with others. News sources, libraries, and universities are part of the archetype of the Sage.

The Sage thinks that the road to happiness is filled with wisdom and that we will make the universe a better place by finding and sharing the truth with others. The Sage does not hide uncertainty, misinformation, false statements, or ignorance, either in itself or in another. Sage brands typically have elevated levels of intellect and consciousness.

What is the sage archetype by Jung’s terms?

The Sage archetype, known by Jung as ‘Senex,’ is one of experience, intelligence, and power. It reflects the inherent divine component of our unconscious personalities and it emerges in our lives by various representations according to Carl Jung. It can take the shape of individuals, visions, insights, or the way we enable others to learn in our lives.

What are the Sage archetype’s other names?


The entire life of the mentor is committed to exchanging knowledge with others. The tutor is well served by his capacity to remain impartial and a strong character judge, which strengthens his faith. Everything the mentors do is based on a wish to ensure that the best goals are obtained.


As all the great sleuths, the Detective diligently tries to discover what is hidden. The Investigator has a deep-felt love of puzzles and a close eye for scientific evidence, but he is also highly intuitive.


Spiritual in nature, even if not inherently religious in nature, the Shaman has a magical ability to see or say the truth, particularly from a “higher” or alternative point of view. (Deepak Chopra is a fine example of a Sage brand that will fall under this sub-archetype.)

Dangers sometimes happen if the Shaman creates a false sense of authority, which may lead to false statements and coercion.


The Interpreter is a superb communicator who uses context and binding patterns to learn fundamental truths. The translator is an articulate messenger who is drawn to the language and conversation.

Sage Archetype's industries and categories

What are the Sage brand archetype characteristics?

  • You assume that there is no limit to learning and new knowledge is constantly learned.
  • The foundation of their facts is empirical observations and analysis.
  • You want to separate yourself from others.
  • By evaluating the situation, they allow us to better understand the environment and problems.
  • They trust and believe in humanity
  • They are metaphysical in nature and grasp the method of reasoning.
  • They will assign duties to naïve supporters.
  • Their approach to things is primitive and their manner is not elegant.
  • Knowledge is their pride, and intelligence is most precious to them.
  • After thorough research, they try to establish themselves
  • Typically they determine intelligently and unbiasedly.
  • They are plain anti-social.

What are the Sage brand archetype colors?

  • Blue
  • Black/Dark Gray
  • Green

Sage Brand Archetype's color

These are Sage’s archetype colors because Blue shows intelligence, Black/Dark Gray shows Dominance, Green shows growth. Wikipedia uses black/dark gray for their brand because they want to portray themselves as an intelligent and domain authority brand.

What is the Sage archetype tone of voice?

A Sage archetype tone of voice is clever, truthful, strong, and well examined.

What are the Sage archetype examples in literature?

Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

Gandalf, while not the main protagonist, is a central character in the novel and falls into the key archetypal role of mentor/advisor. Mentorship is someone who gives the hero somehow support and guidance and skills, generally older than the protagonist. Typically, mentors are old and wise; they appear to be the one who motivates the protagonist to join in their search. The Fellowship of the Ring sees Gandalf as the ancient, knowledgeable wizard teaching and advising Frodo to hold the ring. Gandalf still gives information, advice and guidance to the Hero, Frodo who supports him with his quest.

Sage Brand Archetype Character examples

Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore, whose relentless leadership is a strong justification for this above-mentioned premise, must become one of the richest mentors in the history of medium-grade literature. When all the wizards around him refuse to say Voldemort’s name in favor of the even sinister “He that must not be named,” Dumbledore encourages Harry to do something else, knowing both the strength of terror and the need for Harry not to give in to it.

What are the Sage archetype examples?


TED is a non-profit organization known primarily for its TED knowledge discussions on any conceivable topic and stands for technology, entertainment, and design. The aim of the organization is to create “a clearinghouse of free information from the most motivated minds of the world” and to trust in the power of ideas to transform the world.

Sage Archetype examples

Oprah Winfrey

The brand Oprah places itself as an intelligence and lighting outlet. Millions of people look to her and embrace her word as gospel as their source of guidance and truth. There is everywhere evidence of Oprah name as a good mentor: the Oprah Winfrey Show, the O Journal, Oprah Magazine, a book club, and even her TV network. As a mentor and as a Shaman (since much of her themes are spirituality), the Oprah Brand has a twofold responsibility. Oprah may be known in several respects as the supreme guru.

What are Sage customers like?

Sage customers love learning at their memory banks for the sheer enjoyment of incorporating new skills. They like labels that are straightforward and suspect brands that operate like they’re secret. They show their trust in hard data and labels, which can have an infinite supply.

Do not indulge in high-pressure sales and promotion strategies when targeting Sage customers. Instead, provide them with information for better decision-making. Since intellect is above all the attributes that they trust, it is no surprise to Sage customers that they do not fear products with a difficult learning curve.


While most businesses do some kind of research and development and ideally do not intentionally misinform, some products are targets for information and fact, not anomalies. If you want your business to search for the facts, have other company’s insight or information, or if you respect knowledge extremely, your brand is probably a Sage.

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