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Woodstock Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a great way for local businesses to gain customers in Woodstock.  SEO, in simple terms, is placing your businesses website at the top of search results.  By being at the top, you will get the lion’s share of business.  The largest  search engines are Google, Yahoo & Bing.  It is estimated that the top listing in one of these search engines gets as much as 50% of all the traffic to click on their website.  In some cases, hundreds and even thousands of people search for local businesses on a monthly basis.  What could that type of traffic do for your business?

SEO in Practical Terms

So, for instance say Dennis the Veterinarian has a practice in Woodstock GA.  And for the example, lets say that 100 people search for “Woodstock veterinarian” per month.  Dennis has been in business for 8 years, however, he has never seen the usefulness of the internet.  He gets most of his business via word of mouth.  However, business has slowed down & Dennis has contacted us to help him get more customers in to his practice.  So we get Dennis listed on the 1st page of Google and he gets a significant amount of inquires, appointments, walk-ins, etc.  He is now booked for about a month out and working such long hours that he is now considering expanding his practice.

Local Search

The example above displays the power of local search.  With the number of homes not having a Yellow Pages book increasing, everyone now finds the information they need on the internet.  This means that if you are a local business with a brick and mortar store or practice, you can benefit from the power of SEO.  There are countless people right here in Woodstock, who are looking for your services.  The only problem is when they go to look for your services, they find the competition and not your business.

Take action now and begin to consider this powerful tool for your business.  We will be happy to give a free consultation to any business that is consider marketing in this way & would like some advice on how to get started.

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