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Why Your Blog Should Only Have Unique Content

Why Your Blog Should Only Have Unique Content

Blogging has become not only popular, but crucial for online success. If you want to be able to drive sales and get more customers, you need an online presence and a blog.

Our advice, is that you create an “authority blog” and not just one of those blogs that takes the same old tired content and posts it again and again.

Should we worry about this?

Why does a company need to worry about the content on their blog being unique?

When you are searching for something online, have you found that site after site has the same information? No. Would you stay on that site if you did find the same content? No. So why would your potential readers stay if you have something they have read elsewhere? If you have the same rehashed content from another website, your visitors will leave your site quickly. They will then find a place where they can find something new & stimulating.

Google Rankings

If the content on your blog is copied from somewhere else, then it will lower your Google rankings. So, when someone goes to Google and searches for that subject, your blog will be at the bottom of the list of all the other sites with the same content. Google looks at the content on blogs and spiders out to see how many other sites have that same content. The general rule of thumb is that if there are 100 sites with the same content, Google will list them in the order they were posted. The site that posted the content first gets the higher ranking. So, at best you will always be Number 2 in the Google rankings.

Not only that, but if you only put copied content on your site you can be “Google slapped”. What this means is that Google will actually remove your site from the search listings. They will remove any sites that are 100% copies of other sites, meaning you won’t get any traffic whatsoever.

The Benefits

When visitors go to your blog and like what they read, they will return to your site, and eventually buy from you. If all you have is copied content, they can choose from any of the 100 other sites out there with the same content to purchase from. You need to work hard to stand out from the millions of other blogs out there, and that means writing informative, entertaining and unique content for your blog.

If the above still doesn’t give you incentive enough to have only unique content on your blog, then consider the legal ramifications. If you put copied content on your blog, and do not have permission to do so, or are claiming it is your own, you can face legal consequences. You can have your site taken down, and be taken to court. This means you are out the money for the hosting, the domain, court costs, and legal fees. Also, there is all the time you have spent on it as well.

So as you can see, if you truly want your blog to be a success online, you will need to put a bit of elbow grease into writing high quality articles and not just copying off someone else’s blog.

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