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Tips for E-Mail Marketing

Effective E-Mail Marketing

One of the most effective ways to market online is via e-mail marketing.  There are two ways to market via e-mail online; your own list and solo ads.  Developing and maintaining your own e-mail list can be a time consuming task, however, you will generally get better results from your own list than you will from solo ads.  Solo ads are the quickest way to get your message out there, but they are often not as targeted as your own list, and this will not be as effective.

It doesn’t matter if you are sending your e-mail to your own list, or you are paying for an e-mail blast, you will want to keep the following things in mind:

Length of the e-mail

I’m sure if you are like most people out there you get pounded with e-mails every day. How many e-mails do you think you personally get in a day? Ten?  Twenty?  You have to skim through all those e-mails and generally don’t have the patience for a really lengthy one. When I get a really lengthy e-mail that is trying to sell me something, I immediately hit the delete button.  Almost everyone out there is the same. You need to keep the length of your e-mail to a minimum while still conveying your message.  This is to ensure that the message gets read and is more likely to convert.

Content of the e-mail

Nobody cares if your next door neighbor uses the product, or if the neighbors’ cat also used the product. Keep the content of the e-mail focused on what is important. You will want to keep to three basic points in your e-mail: features, benefits and price. Anything other than these three things is going to get ignored, and will land your message in the recycle bin quicker than you can say “opt out”.

Keep Graphics to a minimum

I know everyone loves flashy graphics and we want to try and catch our prospective buyer’s eye, but an e-mail loaded down with graphics is not the way to do it. If you absolutely MUST have graphics in the e-mail, limit it to one. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first reason, is because most e-mail filters look for messages laden with graphics and send them directly to the “junk” folder along with two hundred or more other messages your potential buyer gets in a day. The second reason is because these e-mails take forever to load, and again, most people don’t have the patience to sit there and wait for a hundred different little graphics to load to read your message.

Lets have a recap of our e-mail marketing tips:

  1. Make sure your e-mail isn’t too long
  2. Sticks to the key benefits and features of the product and you use graphics to a minimum
  3. Don’t overload it with graphics.

If you follow these few tips, your e-mail will not only be delivered successfully but you will notice your conversions will be higher.

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