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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management or ORM is an important aspect related to the online world. With more and more people joining the online community, it becomes essential for your business to have a positive impact. The importance of online reputation is similar to your reputation in the real world. A simple joke taken seriously or a controversial opinion given can tarnish your online reputation. In the real world, people might forget about these issues after some time but if such things are posted on the internet, they stay there forever.

This is the digital age where most of the people are connected to the internet at some time or the other, either through a computer or through their smartphones. So, if any negative post about a company or a product is posted on the internet, there are chances that it will be viewed by thousands of people. As the number of people reading the negative post increases, so does the ranking of the post. This means that whenever someone searches about the particular company or product, the negative post is bound to show on the initial few pages of the search engine, leading more people to view the post. Therefore, it is highly essential for business owners and managers to monitor their online reputation.

Steps to Manage Reputation Online

Set Social Media Pages

Social media has moved to the forefront of how we communicate. People are connected to each other through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can use the social media websites as hub pages, where customers can send in their complaints directly to you rather than writing and posting negative posts on forums, blogs or review sites. However, it is important to be diligent with checking the social media pages regularly as customers do not like their complaints to go unanswered. Social media managers may be hired to manage the social media pages.

Set Google Alerts

Setting up web alerts would help you know when your business name is being searched or viewed on the Internet. Once alerted, you would be able to respond to the negative feedback instantly, without letting it get viral on the Internet. A prompt and positive answer on your part would satisfy the disgruntled customer.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important part of online marketing as it enables your web pages to rank highly in search engine results. If your website is optimized for search engines, the ranking of the website would be higher. This causes any negative blogs or posts to be pushed to the third or fourth pages, thereby out of the sight of most Internet users.

Online reputation management is essential as negative actions and opinions expressed on the Internet, which is open to a large audience, can hurt one’s image badly. While it may take years to build positive awareness about a brand, a single incident can tarnish the image of that brand. Therefore, it is essential that online business owners pay special attention to their reputation online. If they are unable to manage the issue, then hiring a company that specializes in this area will allow you to manage your online reputation.

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