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Is Your Website Converting Traffic?

A website is no good without two things – traffic and readers. The difference between traffic and readers is that traffic are those that only go to your website for one thing, and then almost always leave once they’ve gotten it. Readers will come back, providing you with an audience of people who actually care about what you have to say. Though the difference between traffic and readers is quite big, one thing remains the same between the two – they convert the numbers of people visiting your website into money.




There are a number of reasons why your website may or may not convert traffic. One of the most important things to remember when trying to convert traffic is appearance. If your website is messy, hard to read, or not visually appealing, you’re less likely to attract returning readers.

In fact, an average visitor will spend less than ten seconds looking at a website before deciding whether or not he or she will stay on it. That is the impatience of today’s society – use it to your advantage by making a beautiful website that’s attractive to potential visitors.




Another way to tell whether or not your website is converting traffic is to look at the speed of your website. Having a slow loading page will hurt your numbers dramatically. If a page doesn’t load fast enough, potential readers will leave either out of impatience or to retrieve the same information from a faster website. By reducing your site’s loading time, you increase your chances of keeping traffic longer.




Tell your readers what you want them to do as soon as they hit your page. By creating a call to action, you give your traffic a purpose – whether you want them to buy, read or just click. Without a call to action, your visitor is not likely to return because of a lack of engagement.




Not only do you need to give visitors a call to action, you need to do it before they’ve gotten what they want. Given how difficult that is, you’re still left with one option: pop-ups. Though you may find them irritating, as do many others, they actually do work. If visitors are forced to read a pop-up before they accessing the content they want, you give them a reason to stay. In fact, readers sometimes even feel obligated to use them, as they feel more comfortable believing that they’re not ads. Another option is to put a pop-up somewhere noticeable, such as the bottom of the page, and have it slide out so that it will catch the reader’s attention.


Converting traffic is the only way a website survives on the Internet. Without a good conversion rate, your website is left without meaningful traffic, and you will not be able to push your content or product. By using the tips above, you will enable yourself to make some smart changes in order to keep readers coming back and acquire more traffic without even having to market for it.

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