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Become a Pro Blogger

Become a Pro Blogger

I was having a talk with a certain lady not too long ago. She was new to blogging and she hoped that she could eventually make a living off her blog. Truth be told, it isn’t impossible, but it can be really hard if you don’t know how to.  You can actually be a professional blogger and this article is going to outline exactly how you can do that.

1. Choose an attractive topic

Get a topic that is bound to attract more visitors. Do your research and find out what the most popular topics are. Talking about your cat or how you broke up with your boyfriend is going to be a bore at some point. You want people to keep on coming back to read your posts, and this cannot happen if you have predictable content. Health, sports and entertainment are just examples of the most popular topics. Remember, there is no right or wrong topic in blogs but to get traffic, you definitely need something captivating.

 2. Sign up for pay-per-click

Various search engines such as Google have a pay-per-click service. This is usually the main source of income for most bloggers. The service works by posting random advertisements on your blog that are as closely related to your subject matter as possible. When visitors on your blog click on the ads, the service calculates and then sends you the money you have earned based on how many page viewers clicked on your add. The earnings are, however, higher if a purchase is made.

 3. Establish a relationship between you and your visitors

It is quite hard to respond to every post; but it is an added advantage if you try to connect with as many visitors as you can. Good blogs are interactive. The more you engage with your visitors the more active your blog is; an active blog is bound to get more visitors than a dormant one.

 4. Blog often

No one wants to visit a blog that has the same post it had six months ago. An active blogger is destined to attract more visitors since people will always want to know what’s new. While blogging, be sure to instil your personality in your posts in order to generate a following. However, there is a difference between personality and personal. While writing, just be yourself. Imagine that you are talking to a person face to face and let the rest flow.

 5. Have more than one blog

Earlier on, I talked about signing up for the pay-per-click service. When you have more than one blog (different subject matter, of course) then your income is definitely going to be more. Have multiple blogs and link them together. This will be a bigger success than just one single blog.

 6. Have partnerships

Partnering with other blogs is a definite way of pro-blogging success. Take a look at other blogs and what they have to offer. Figure out, if there is any way you can mutually benefit from each other, for instance, a fashion blog can link up with a fashion retail store blog and get as little as $1 for each catalogue ordered from the latter.

 7. Patience is a virtue

No one gets a gripping return from a blog overnight. Most bloggers start by making less than $10 a month before getting to the $2,000 to $10,000 a month mark. Don’t give up when you get low earnings. Blogger revenues can take as long as 12 months or more before receiving a substantial income. So be patient!

Pro-blogging is a tempting fantasy. You want to start a blog, let it earn you money and then quit your day job and simply live it up. This will happen eventually. Your big break will come. In the meantime, just have fun doing what makes you happy!

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