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How Can Bad Web Design be Detrimental to Your Business?

In this modern age, the bulk of our business comes from online traffic. Therefore, you want a website that is easy to navigate and engaging. Your first line of marketing your website must tell your customers everything about you and your services effectively. Many businesses though opt for using the vast array of website builders or high school/college students to save a little money and get their site up and running. The problem is that many of the drag and drop web designers or young students offer subpar designs that can hurt your business.

In this article, we will be looking at how bad web design can be detrimental to your business. By understanding the mistakes these web builders and novice designers make you will be able to avoid the pitfalls and end up with a website that will earn more leads, clients, revenue and demand for your products & services.

Bad Web Design Mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made when building your website, and though you may not think they are mistakes, they may be the culprit of lost customers. Here are some of the biggest mistakes we see in web design:

Inconsistent Brand Style

Long before your potential client gets into the details of your site, they see the aesthetics. That means that when building a website, you want to have a consistent color palette, readable text that sticks to consistent fonts. In other words, your bard style guide should match the feeling and mission of your company. It should also match your other collateral such as business cards, billboards, car wraps, etc. By making sure this is consistent on your entire site, it will look cohesive and inviting to your potential customers.

Splash Pages

It is time to join the 21st century, and the use of splash pages is so last year. Many experts say that splash pages increase the bounce rate. This is because your client or customer wants to find what they came for and if they can’t promptly find it (because these screens keep popping up) they will find it somewhere else. The end-users feel the pages are annoying and take away time that they could be using to find out what they came for.

Unclickable Logo

Using every chance, you can keep the users on your site is the name of the game. This includes making it easy for them to get back to the home page and the way a lot of great websites, so that is by adding a clickable logo. It is the industry standard, so if your site doesn’t have one, then you are already behind the 8-ball.


Attention can only be kept if you make your navigation intuitive and easy to use. If the information the potential customers are looking for is hard to find, they will move on to a site where they can find it quickly and efficiently. That is why making sure that your navigation is simple but effective is vital to your business success.

Slow Loading Pages

If it takes your images and graphics long to load, you are sure to lose some people, if not a lot. Many users say that if the pictures take even a few seconds to load, they are more inclined to move on to another step. That means optimizing your graphics and images for the web can be super important to your business as it will decrease the bounce rate.

Too Little White Space

Having a crisp, neat, easy to read site is the best option to help your business become successful. Too often though you find a cluttered page with too much going on and this can be frustrating and hard to read. If your customer or client feels overwhelmed and can’t get a clear understanding of what your company or brand is all about, they will bounce, and that will hurt your business. That is why adding some white space can be a great idea.

Too Many Graphics

Using memes or text graphics can hurt not only the user experience but your site’s SEO. Search engine bots can’t see this text, and therefore it will not help you improve your ranking. Plus, images slow down the site and s if you are debating text or graphic err on the side of caution and use more text than graphics (definitely use graphics but sparingly.).

Browser Compatibility

Using only the browser, you use to make sure the web site is working could be a big mistake. Not everyone uses the same browser, and every browser in some ways reads data different. By not checking the site on multiple browsers, some of your users may end up getting a broken or pages that don’t quite look right. So, compatibility needs to be checked on every browser you can to ensure your business is reaching the widest audience as possible.

Automated Sounds

Automated sounds and music can not only be annoying but can also add load time to your page. It may seem cute and inventive, but unless you are using an automated video, extra sounds can be very detrimental to your business.


One of the most detrimental things any website can be is unresponsive. That means that you need to make sure it reacts and has a layout that works with multiple devices. So many of your potential clients will be using their smartphone to find you. Imagine if the site doesn’t respond to this, and they must scroll sideways to find stuff or worse yet have no way to get the full site’s information.

Final Thoughts

Your website is like your digital business card, and if it isn’t helpful, or it is hard to use many people simply will not take the time. By not having a website that is easy to use, appealing to look at and answers their questions promptly, you may be losing clients faster than you think. So, when building your website, make sure you test and design a website that offers all of that and so much more.

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