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5 Factors That Can Affect Your SEO Rankings

There are several factors taken into account that affect your SEO ranking. Your SEO ranking, dictates how far up you are in search results, which determines how much traffic is directed to your website. SEO rankings are vitally important for the success of a website. Because of this, there are many companies that specialize in improving SEO rankings. You can find countless companies in Marietta, Georgia, who help businesses of all sizes improve their SEO rankings to expand brand awareness and increase sales.


Social Media


One of the most important factors for your SEO ranking is how engaged your business is on social networks. By having dedicated pages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest that you use relatively often, you greatly improve your SEO ranking. Every aspect of each site also helps. For example, Facebook Likes and Shares cause a higher SEO ranking separately for search engines.


Number of Backlinks


Since the dawn of search engines, backlinks have always been vital for success. SEO companies in Marietta, GA, agree that the more backlinks a website has, the more popular it becomes. Additionally, the percentage of backlinks from each country is put into play. It is better to have a more concentrated audience than a sparse, spread out one.


Length of URL


Another relevant factor is the length of the URL. To be more specific, a URL for a website should be as short as possible, using the fewest amount of words to get the point across. This allows the audience to remember the website better and for search engines to pick it up easier without thinking that it’s spam.


Number of Internal Links


Another recommendation is to use an enriched, though not heavy, amount of internal links for your website in order to increase SEO rankings. This means using links that connect to other parts of your website and your social media sites, which increases your chances of having an excellent SEO ranking. Internal links are often easier to use than backlinks. However, keep in mind that backlinks are more important than internal links, so both should be used.




Using keywords throughout your website is vital to success, which is why it’s so important to stick with a couple of keywords for your entire website. For example, having keywords in the body of your articles, in your external links, in your internal links, and, most importantly, in your backlinks guarantees a better SEO ranking. This is called a niche, and it allows search engines to find you better, which, in turn, helps your audience to find you better.

It’s hard to increase your SEO ranking if you don’t know what you’re doing. But using the right combination of tools allows you to increase your chances greatly, bringing up your reputation and making your website successful in the long run. For help improving your SEO ranking, one of the many SEO-focused companies in Marietta, GA, is sure to help.

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