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3 Tips to Get Customers to Post Positive Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to boost your business, especially online. Because of this, many companies are trying more and more to get consumers to write positive reviews for them. But consumers are painfully picky, and don’t often realize that with a review, their opinion is extremely powerful – it could make or break an entire line of a product or company. That’s why getting positive reviews is so important for a business to succeed.

1. Speak to those that matter

Only about 6% of consumers write reviews. This means that a very small minority influences the whole easily, and sometimes manipulatively. You can use this to your advantage, though. First, you need to pinpoint reviews about your business or businesses similar to yours. Check out the big review sites, like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Next, look at those reviews, and in the most positive way, let them know that you appreciate their feedback. Explain how important it is to you. Give them a one-time discount on a product or some other offer. The main key is to make them feel appreciated. This will trigger more reviews, in a much more positive manner, and by many more people.

2. Don’t ignore anything

Nothing is perfect, and reviewers see that easily. Therefore, you’re never going to have a business with only shining reviews. If you ever see a business like that, it’s almost definitely either a scam, or someone is hiding the bad reviews away from the public. Either way, keeping your bad reviews with the good is actually the best thing to do. Potential consumers who check your reviews will not be as convinced if they don’t see a single thing wrong. They need some negativity with the positivity in order to believe the more positive reviews.

Additionally, don’t treat the negative reviews any different than the positive reviews. When responding – and you should always respond – make sure you note how important their reviews are to you and ask what you could do better. Let them know that because you value them, you would like to improve their experience. Give them the same discount or offer that you would give any positive review. This will make your business soar.

3. Go everywhere

Don’t just stop in one place for reviews – you have to branch out to all corners of the Internet. Google every review site you can find and get people talking about you. Be positive, patient, and open. Over time, you’ll get more business, which means more reviews, which means even more business.

Eventually, all of the positive reviews will pay off and you’ll be glad that you marketed through the people instead of through advertisements.
By simply branching out and being positive, you will be paid in kind through great reviews and increased business. If you want more customers, then focus on the reviewers first and foremost in order to lead in the rest. Using the tips above will help improve your business’ success in no time.

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