Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management or ORM is an important aspect related to the online world. With more and more people joining the online community, it becomes essential for your business to have a positive impact. The importance of online reputation is similar to your reputation in the real world. A simple .

3 Tips to Get Customers to Post Positive Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to boost your business, especially online. Because of this, many companies are trying more and more to get consumers to write positive reviews for them. But consumers are painfully picky, and don’t often realize that with a review, their opinion is extremely powerful .

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Even though the Internet has become a source of knowledge, power, and entertainment over the past few years, many people have not yet realized how much of a necessity it is, nor realized its potential to be an excellent tool for marketing. As a result, people are left to wonder .

5 Factors That Can Affect Your SEO Rankings

There are several factors taken into account that affect your SEO ranking. Your SEO ranking, dictates how far up you are in search results, which determines how much traffic is directed to your website. SEO rankings are vitally important for the success of a website. Because of this, there are .

Is Your Website Converting Traffic?

A website is no good without two things – traffic and readers. The difference between traffic and readers is that traffic are those that only go to your website for one thing, and then almost always leave once they’ve gotten it. Readers will come back, providing you with an audience .

Why Your Blog Should Only Have Unique Content

Why Your Blog Should Only Have Unique Content Blogging has become not only popular, but crucial for online success. If you want to be able to drive sales and get more customers, you need an online presence and a blog. Our advice, is that you create an “authority blog” and .

Common Mistakes of Facebook Fan Pages

Most Common Mistakes of Facebook Fan Pages Facebook is an amazing tool for marketing online. You have the ability to reach a large number of people, without spending an arm and a leg on advertising. Another attractive aspect is that Facebook fan pages are free to create and maintain.  This .

Tips for E-Mail Marketing

Effective E-Mail Marketing One of the most effective ways to market online is via e-mail marketing.  There are two ways to market via e-mail online; your own list and solo ads.  Developing and maintaining your own e-mail list can be a time consuming task, however, you will generally get better .